WordPress Development

WordPress is the most popular CMS and for a good reason. It’s easy to develop, use and maintain. WordPress rocks!

A Quick Intro to the WordPress Anatomy

WordPress + Theme + Plugins = Awesomeness!

The WordPress Core

It’s the WordPress software a user installs, uses and updates. We use WordPress Core in order to create posts and assign them categories for sorting. We use it to create pages and publish them.We use the WordPress media gallery to upload images which then can be used in the posts and pages. Moreover we can add widgets in sidebars or the footer section to display additional information. So many choices and abilities! WordPress Core is the heart of a WordPress website. As a WordPress Developer, I know how to take good care of it.

The WordPress Theme

A WordPress Theme is a collection of files that specify the way a WordPress website layout will be displayed to the user. WordPress Themes usually handle everything like the header, logo, menu, sidebars, footer and other aspects like website colors, fonts, typography etc. Therefore making a WordPress Theme a necessary part of a WordPress website. Multiple WordPress Themes can be installed at the same time on one installation, however only one WordPress Theme can be active at each time. WordPress Themes can be optimized so they can offer more.

The WordPress Plugins

These plugins are small software components that you install and they expand the WordPress Core functionality. WordPress Plugins can do many things, from displaying the date and time to adding an e-commerce functionality. WordPress Plugins are a great way to make your website better and more functional. WordPress Plugins are optional to use. However they require frequent updates, checks and also occasionally they conflict to other plugins or with WordPress Core or WordPress Themes.

What are my WordPress services?

  • Web Design

    I design websites using the WordPress platform. Understanding the way a WordPress Theme is built and functions, allows me to take advantage of its full potential.

  • Web Development

    I develop WordPress websites either from scratch or continue on existing projects. Having great experience, allows me to develop a website properly, and pay attention to every detail in all stages of the development. Moreover, I can understand the issues that will occur beforehand and we can resolve them together.

  • Edits

    Anything regarding WordPress edits. From simple text edits to WordPress Theme edits and from WordPress Plugins edits to design style edits. If you want to tweak, some part of your WordPress website, don’t hesitate to ask me.

  • Website check

    An important step is to have an expert check everything in your website. Like proof-reading but for websites.

  • Speed Optimization

    WordPress Speed Optimization is the process of making a website faster to load. Visitors hate waiting for a website to load. Researches have shown that slow websites, result in less traffic and sales. So, if you do want to keep your visitors happy, speed-optimize your website. Ask for a quote, now!

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