Web Design

Designing each website based on the target group and its unique purpose. Every action must answer a question.

How do I design a website?

  • Discuss

    The first step is to discuss the project. Either we are starting from scratch or making a new design for an existing website the process is similar. We discuss the project, so I can understand what is your target group, what is your goal and what are your expectations.

  • Research

    In most cases I have to research your products/services, competitive advantages and competition. This will guarantee a better end result. Moreover, depending on the project, I can design and develop at the same time for a quick turn-around.

  • Design

    I am doing the web design by taking into account many different aspects; the industry you’re in, the website target group, your resources (logo, color palette, ad material). You are welcome to participate. Some clients provide ideas as reference point.

  • Quality check

    Last step is the quality control, where everything is checked so it can be delivered to the client.

FAQ about Web Design

It really depends on the industry, the products/services, the complexity you want, the number of pages I’ll be designing and different screen-sizes we’re planning to cover.

Responsive web design is the process of changing the design of a website depending on the screen size. We make the website “respond” to the device we use, thus changing the way it is being displayed. This allows for a great and user-friendly experience.

Of course, everything I design is responsive.

I’m trying to deliver a design, as close as possible, to the guidelines we have agreed on. If this fails, I can do revisions in order to achieve it. However if the website follows the guidelines and you don’t like the design, then this is subjective and I can’t do much about it. I’ll go the extra mile to help and fix some issues but won’t do a complete new design.


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