Prepare your website for Covid-19
Prepare your website for Covid-19
Prepare your website for Covid-19
Prepare your website for Covid-19
Prepare your website for Covid-19
Prepare your website for Covid-19
Prepare your website for Covid-19

How can I prepare my website for COVID-19?

How to adjust your website for COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease).

It’s happening everywhere. Yes. The new coronavirus disease, called COVID-19 has spread like wildfire world-wide, bringing fear, panic and unfortunately fatalities. Although it sounds like a scenario for a movie, make no mistake it’s the reality. Thousands of people have been infected. So much so, that governments and local authorities globally have taken extreme measures to decrease the transmittion of the disease such as temporarily closing of schools, commercial shops, entertainment and athletic establishments and even lockdowns.

Shop Is Closed,
But We're Online!

If the physical part of your business takes a hit, you must optimize the online part of your business; your website. Thus continue working, if this permitted based on your local laws, but online. Continue your business with the services, products, parts in general that don’t involve human interaction or keep it at bare minimum.

Six ways to prepare your website for COVID-19


Awareness is important. First of all, make sure you are well informed about the coronavirus disease, the protective measures, the workplace safety rules, the business’ guidance. Remember to check if there are specific measures regarding your industry. Pass that info to your clients. A great example is the rule of social distancing. People should keep at least two meters of distance between them, especially when queuing or inside shops.


If the new situation that the coronavirus COVID-19 brought, has changed the way you traditionally do business, make sure you communicate this to your clients. For example, if your physical location is closed, inform your clients about it. If you still work but remotely, let them know that and give them specific instructions on how to communicate and co-operate with you. Make sure you announce this to your website but also to your social media. Here’s how Venmo prepared their website:

Prepare your website for COVID-19, Venmo case

Prepare your website for COVID-19, Venmo case


If you have an e-commerce website or offer online services, now it’s the time to facilitate the use of them. Steer, new and existing clients, to your online presence: website, e-shop, social media accounts, newsletter etc. Furthermore in order to boost your online channel, you can offer discounts which are essential now as many people see their income decrease, with the current situation.

Need help to get your website ready?

You can add a newsletter section or a blog section in order to post updates regarding the way you’ll run your business from now on, or regarding your products and services. For example, if you’re selling items that are highly desirable and currently out of stock, a newsletter will help you inform the customers when new products arrive.


Unfortunately, this situation is unprecedented. Nobody really knows how long it can last. Some experts, say COVID-19 can last from months up to two years. Not only prepare your website for COVID-19 but do it as this disease stays longer. What processes can be moved from physical to online? How can you optimize your website? Is there something you can do differently, something new to innovate? Are you taking advantage of the new technologies? Ask a professional how you can use new technologies in order to move your business online.


Now that your website will receive more traffic, it’s crucial that everything works properly. Have a professional review your website.

Hard times are ahead, but as humanity has done before, we’ll get them through.

Stay safe!

Nikolaos Dimitriou. Freelance Web Developer.